eric worre for Joe o book websiteThis is a story about the beginning of a new shift for the 21st century, and not being afraid to recruit up. Every day, corporate professionals and traditional business-owners are flocking to the network marketing profession. Why? Because it’s a low-risk, high-reward, part-time venture that, if taken seriously, can pay amazing life-changing dividends for generations to come.

Eric Worre, Founder, Network Marketing Pro, Author of the International Bestseller and #1 Amazon Bestseller Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional, Creator of the Documentary Rise of the Entrepreneur


Jordan for Joe O book siteJoe O’s book is real-life network marketing. In this story he fully captures the accurate journey we all go through on our rise to the top. If you want to grow a network marketing business and desire to know what you’ll feel, think and experience, this book will set everything up perfectly for you. It’s a perfect chronology of the journey, and very true to life.

Jordan Adler, Network Marketing Millionaire, Author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, Beach Money®



Big Al for Joe O book siteJoe’s book is filled with sound bites that will make the reader think. For example, we all know our friends suffer from “time poverty,” but they don’t know how to fix that problem. And then Cory says, “I sure don’t see a lot of happy people at work. Maybe that’s why they keep saying they work hard ‘for their family.’” Any non-network marketers will stop and re-consider their current lives after reading this book.

Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Trainer


Hayley HobsonThis book really spoke to me! Like one of the characters in the book, I began my career as an attorney before I became a network marketing professional. I now live a life I never knew was possible, empowering other women to become leaders and follow their dreams.

Hayley Hobson, Author, Speaker, Educator, Seven-figure Earner


Brian Nichols, NY Police Chief, Retired

As a New York Police Chief, I have always been very skeptical of these “pyramid-type” of businesses. When my wife RaeAnn got involved a few years back, I was at first totally against it. Not until later, when I attended a meeting Joe O. spoke at, did I really “get it.” Something clicked for me and my wife that night, and we are so happy it did. I soon retired from the police force and after just two years, I now make far more from my network marketing residuals than my 30-plus year pension provides us. Thanks Joe O.!

Brian Nichols, Police Chief, East Fishkill, NY (retired)
Network Marketing Professional
Six-figure + Earner

Anthony Serino, Real Estate Broker, Retired

Network Marketing was completely foreign to me just a few years ago. Then I was shown a video from a very well-respected local attorney and I soon realized that this was something very real. For years I was always one of the top producing real estate brokers in my county. I consistently made a great income but if I stopped working, the income stopped rolling in. Joe O. was instrumental in helping me lead my team and allowing me and so many others to create a significant life-changing residual income. In less than 18 months, with Joe’s leadership and inspiration I have become a true network marketing professional and have been paying it forward to thousands on my team.

Anthony Serino, Poughkeepsie, NY
Real Estate Broker (retired)
Mid-six-figure earner

Bill Quain, Author of over 20 best-selling business books

Joe O. knows how to tell a great story – fill it with realistic characters and let them live their lives on the book’s pages.  Anyone who reads this book is certain to recognize similar characters, and similar situations from their own lives.  And, anyone who has ever made the decision to change their lives by building a personal business will see themselves in this story.  Joe keeps it real for more than 125 pages! 

Put yourself into this story, and choose your character.  Will you be someone who gives up their dreams and slides back into the average lifestyle that holds so many people captive, or will you be one of the characters that tells YOUR story from stage – and inspires thousands of others to look beyond the everyday challenges? 

By telling this story, Joe is telling our stories.  We just need to read it and make a decision.

Doug Borden, Former Equities Trader, Rumson, NJ

This book really hit home for me because after I left Wall Street I was introduced to network marketing for the first time. As a single dad with four young children, I wanted to be there for my kids. Joe had quickly become one of my many mentors in this industry. With Joe’s leadership and inspiration, I’ve come to believe what many are starting to realize: That life is way too short and that becoming a full-time Network Marketing Professional can become a reality. Thanks Joe O.!

Lieutenant Tony DiPaula, New Jersey State Police, Retired

As a career long state trooper, I have always been skeptical about “recruiting scam” businesses. However something just made more sense the last time someone approached me. No one ever gets wealthy on a law enforcement salary, so over my 25-year career I’ve always had a second and third source of income. This time I’m happy to be building a sustainable residual income, which is creating a second pension for me. Thanks Joe O. for your leadership.

Big John & Lella Pyonteck, Network Marketing Professionals

Thank you Joe O. for your leadership and friendship! I have never done anything like network marketing before. I started my career 30 years ago as a union pipefitter and then was so proud the day my wife and I finally ventured out to start what has become a very successful “traditional” business. We invested our life savings into trucks and equipment and spent many stressful days and nights trying to manage the crew, quote estimates, and make a decent living. We’ve always done well but there was no end in sight. We didn’t own a business—the business owned us. When an attorney friend of mine showed me this network marketing model, and the time freedom that it could provide, I was more than a little skeptical, but I eventually dove in 100%. I went from a complete novice just a few years ago to speaking in front of many thousands today, just telling my story of persistence. Joe O. is one of the best network marketing mentors you’ll ever find. He’s changed my life and the lives of many, and now I’m doing the same for others.

“Big” John & Lella Pyonteck, Network Marketing Professionals
Monroe Township, NJ
Mid-six-figure earners

A Story About, “I Will NEVER Do Network Marketing”

A Story About, "I Will NEVER Do Network Marketing"

by Joe Occhiogrosso, Network Marketing Mentor
A Story About, “I Will NEVER Do Network Marketing”

A Story About, “I Will NEVER Do Network Marketing”

I’m proud to announce my second book, A Story About, “I Will NEVER Do Network Marketing,”  is now available for...